Strict Press & Miracle-Gro – 16.November.2020

Today we started the week off with a comfy press&breathing workout. We got quite the programming ready for you in the upcoming week, so we thought we´d take it a bit easy on you for today. Sore triceps, some heavy breathing, yes sure, but no rolling around gasping for air for today. First, what did we do and how did you guys score:

We had a warm-up where we combined the bike with some pressing movements with the stick. Especially the Z-press, a pressing movement where you sit with you legs flat on the floor and your upperbody nice and uptight, is a movement we don´t see that often in CrossFit. For some reason that´s a bummer, since it is a fantastic exercise to train a straight upperback and core tension in the pressing motion!

After the warm-up, one of the all-time favorite chest-stretches was on the menu: the reverse table. Hand and feet on the floor, facing the ceiling, throw your ass up and hold it there like table. Fantastic stretch for both chest/shoulder muscles and activation of the hamstrings and the ass!

Then.. Pressing time. The press today was more a strength-test than a training. Where the main goal of a training is to get stronger, today we just wanted to find out some things: Where are we standing, are we going up in strength compared to the last time we´ve tested it? Of course, you will get stronger from doing a couple of singles on the strict press, but it´s mainly a perfect moment to test pressing and core strength!

Knowing all our PR´s and being high on adrenaline, it´s time to get into the workout. More strict presses, some running and some biking! 15 minutes to complete the 5 rounds of today, a timecap that most of you made.

On last thing: It´s getting colder, darker, wetter and there´s leaves on the ground! A simple reminder to be carefull when doing the hillrun, because we´d like to keep playing outside as long as we can! For now, sleep well and enjoy this week of workouts at Verftet, it´s going to be a good one!

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