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"Station Wagon" 20.01.2022

God kveld alle sammen!

Boy, are you going to have a nice night of sleep after today's workout!

We had a CrossFit-style conditioning workout with 5 one-minute stations and a minute of rest.

It was not chaotic at all, it was like an anthill. After a good warm-up, everybody knew where to go, when, and what to do.

Some highlights of the day were:

  • Diana stopped her training to help our new member Leif out to set up the Mindbody app #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

  • Graham curled up into the fetal position at the senior workout. I guess that doesn't stop when you get a little older. #ifidiepleasenotemytime

  • Hilde holding her 10 kg plate overhead for 5 minutes and 10 seconds (!!), you read that right 5:10, at the afterparty after the 21:00 class.#hurtnotinjured

At the end of the evening, the whiteboard looked like this. You guys and girls all put in more than a decent amount of effort to get these scores. But more importantly, you put in the effort to show up, do the hard stuff, smile, and rinse and repeat that tomorrow.

Good things happen to those that work for it, and you did just that!

Have a nice evening and night, we hope to see you again soon!




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