Somebody's EMOM - 14.Januar.2021

Updated: 4 days ago

A heavy piece of conditioning combined with some heavy lifting and throwing. 40 min EMOM Max Calories Row Max Calories Bike Max Sandbag Cleans 1 min Rest

Today's workout was fun and exhausting at the same time. After 2 minutes of conditioning the Sandbags felt even heavier than they actually were, but the joy overcame the fatigue and gave us the power to go for a heavier bag every time and throw them high in the sky and created a cloud of dust over the whole room. #goodluckcleaningteamtomorrow ;) We don't have that often the SB Clean but it is an excellent movement were we train explosiveness and strengthen the whole posterior chain and core. And which Crossfitter doesn't like it to throw with things?!! I would say More Sandbags Please! Good Night Peepzz!! 😴


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