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Snatch & Middle Management – 21.Oktober.2020

Weightlifting Day today! Of course, we wouldn´t be a CrossFit gym if we wouldn´t throw in a rower here and there. But even there, the main focus was heavy lifting. And take out the mental block of the snatch a little bit. More on that later. But first, the scores:

Today started as usual with a general warm-up. Here we warm up the body and make sure to get some foundational mobility in, mobility that is needed a lot in the squat snatch. After this, there was more time to open up the shoulders and the hips a little bit more, followed by some technique training and the explaining of the complex of today. Next thing is we got 12 minutes to find our heavy complex of today. The complex hit almost all the aspects of the squat snatch. The full movement mechanics, in the full squat snatch. Going into a negative snatch deadlift to get into the low hang position, in order to come up again and perform another snatch, this time a bit more under fatigue since we are not coming from a resting position like in the first snatch. After the second snatch, we had to perform 1 overhead squat, to also practice squatting under fatigue and create a stronger OHS for a better recovery of the snatch.

The snatch might be a challenging movement, not only because of the technical aspect of it but also the mental aspect. Because it is such a demanding exercise, it is very easy to overthink it and thereby ruining the movement for yourself. At some point, the movement should come natural. When you start thinking to much about positions and what to do, in the the middle of the snatch, it´s really hard to make a good snatch. By the time you are snatching, all this positional work should be more or less in place, so you can perform the movement without to much thinking and just focus on a nice flow.

And exactly that´s where the workout of today came in. By putting up a clock and making you work with a buddy, we force you to keep on working a bit. There´s literally no time to overthink the movement, it is hands on the bar and just pick it up. Thrust on your technique, thrust on the things you have learned so far, walk to the bar and just thrust on the fact that things will be fine. And exactly that´s why snatches sometimes start to feal so easy in the middle of a workout. You don´t think and just do. We know that stuff. We train you guys, day in, day out, to be able to do this. We love to see you thrive under pressure. Forget all the technical adjustments, just go! We also like the rower, don´t get me wrong, but the workout of today had a deeper purpose. We saw some pretty snatches today, keep it up!



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