Snatch EMOM & Randy - 18.Januar.2020

After a very snowy weekend, it's time to get back to normal life. Back to school, back to the office and back to Verftet. Today we'll start the week with some snatches and a typical benchmark workout. So, yes, technique and heavy breathing to start the day.

We started with a warm-up, some technique for the movements coming up to day and time to build up towards the starting weight of the EMOM. After that, we had a 10 minutes EMOM where you would do 1 high hang power snatch (yes, a mouthfull), 1 hang power snatch and 1 power snatch. The power snatch being the ''easiest'' variation of the barbell snatch, could still be quite tricky. It is not as simple as just giving a big pull on the bar and then hoping for the best. Building the snatch up from the hips down, might help a lot with this. First a snatch from the hip, than a snatch from the knee and then from the floor, makes you really feel the consistancy in the 3 different movements.

Another good thing about the 10 minute EMOM is that the clock is running. You don't get to overthink the movement to much. When the clock says beep, you go. Not to much thinking, just go.

After the EMOM, we had quite some time left to do a typical benchmark workout. Randy, 75 snatches for time at a lightweight. This lightweight makes it a really heavy breathing workout. You don't have to reset for every rep, just pick up the bar and go. Technique and breathing on one of the best movements we have in CrossFit, what more can we wish for on a monday? :)


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