Snake Bite - 26.Juli.2021

As Ben likes to say in classes: I also don't always know what these names are coming from.. It's a bit the same today. At least, until you've tried the workout. Because what seems like an easy monday session with some pull-ups, some snatches and some technique training, got pretty spicy, pretty soon.

We start this week off with a sweatfest. This was partially because of the weather, because 27 degrees and cloudy often doesn't mean much good in terms of CrossFit-weather. But also because the workout we did was kind-off Fran on steroids: 21-15-9 of squat snatches and C2B pull-ups. Squat snatches: explosivity. C2B pull-ups: explositivy. In other words, burning lungs and sweating foreheads.

After the workout, for which you got 10 minutes to complete, we had a complex of a Snatch deadlift + Squat snatch + Overhead Squat. 8 minutes of technique practice, this time after the workout instead of before. This is very good to alternate, because after the workout the body is warm, the adrenaline is pumping, meaning that often the positions of the snatch are easier and the explosivity is better. The burning lungs didn't necessary made it easier, but it was definitely fun.

Saturday Partaytaim

As you have probably seen everywhere: we got a party this saturday. Finally! This to celebrate our 6 years, but also to celebrate that we are still together as 1 at Verftet after the last 2 years of chaos and corona! The party will start around 17:00 in the afternoon and there will be a workout for those that want, live CrossFit-games, live music, but mostly a lot of nice people and good vibes. Please bring your own meat to BBQ and alcohol if you'd like that, we take care of the grills, the salads and the good vibes!

Verftet Lift-Off Event

And we got more events coming up: on the 30th of december, it is finally time for an real CF-event again! This time, we will organize a Lift-Off. Your chance to show your skills in the olympic lifts (Snatch & Clean&Jerk) and your strength in the powerlifts (squat, press & deadlifts). More than a competition, this is a social event! For all the members, experienced and 1 day members. For more info, see the facebook event and sign up:



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