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Robbie The Legend- 23rd January 2020

Today we had a quick but heavy sprint workout Called Robbie the legend it was a 5 rounds for time workout that consists of.

8 hang DB snatch, 8 hang DB clean and jerk and to finish with 10 toes to bar. With also using heavy DB to work on weight and technique

The day started off with a warmup of being in teams of 2. one persons was rowing, while the other had practiced with a light DB the movements of the workout. following by jumping lunges and kip swing for toes 2 bar, then the team would swap over and repeat each task in 2 rounds

then everyone had some practice with the workout to build there weight and get those heights for toes to bar. Then 3..2…1 GO!! Everyones energy was awesome today tackling those heavy DB with perfect technique whilst keeping that intensity. getting through those 5 rounds can make that wall and never getting over, but as we do in verftet. We love to challenge ourselves and become even better

At the end of the workout, to finish the class off. everyone in the classes went through ABCOMPLEX, a real ab burning which was 5 sets a your own pace of v hollow rocks, v sit-ups, tuck-ups and final hollow hold. Which he athletes chosen how many rep they want to handle between 5-10 reps and 5-10 secs.

Everyone went through the burning complex after finishing a round rolling around like there on fire, calming the stomach down and going through with it up to 5 rounds

Hoped everyone enjoyed the day, awesome job verftet athletes



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