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Rest Stop – 28.juli.2020

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

To be your best does almost never mean that you excel in 1 workout, 1 lift or 1 event. Being your optimal ´you´ is an result of putting in the work, day after day, month after month and year after year. Very few of us woke up one day, decided to start doing CrossFit, walked into Verftet and jammed out 5 rounds of 25 muscle ups and 100 meter handstand walks. Easier to say, nobody did that. Eventually being able to excel to the max of your ability, wherever that may be, is a result of deciding to start doing CrossFit, and follow that decision up with coming into our box day in, day out. Going that extra mile outside of the box as well, that´s where excellence is born. One of the nicest words of advice I´ve ever gotten was the following: If you decided that you want to become better or the best possible at something, make sure that every life-choice from that moment on is based on that one decision. Let´s take todays workout: A run, a couple of rounds of Cindy and a bunch of squat cleans. ´I want to be able to do a pull-up, or to do five´ is something I hear a lot when I ask people about their goals. Wanting or saying this is easy, following up on that is harder. Wanting to do a pull-up, really wanting it, means that you have to follow this desire up, wherever you are. If you´re standing in the supermarked, doubting if you are going to have a salad or grillpølser for middag, ask yourself. Which one of those will bring you closer to that pull-up? If your shoulder hurts but you still want to come in and train today, ask yourself: is training with that painful shoulder bringing you closer to your goal or might you be better of going for a run, lose some extra weight so you have to pull up less weight? Coming back to the quote on top of the blogg, repeatedly coming into the box is already a huge win. Taking this ´healthy habit´out of the box and into your life an even bigger one. Set your goals, decided where you want to go and make ever choice in life a lot easier: It´s your responsibility, Go Get It!

In todays workout, a lot of things happening at the same time: Pull-ups, push-ups, squatting, running and squat cleans. This all mixed up in a nice blend of 5 minute workouts with 5 minutes of rest. Pretty comfortable for a lot of you to push it a bit more because after all, how big are your chances on dying in 5 minutes;) Get the run over with as quickly as you can, jam out a few rounds of Cindy and clean clean clean. What an energy. What a noise. What a day again. Takk! – Mart

PS: I, Mart, Got a new phone, with an apple on it. I don´t know how apple stuff works (yet) so excuse my louzy pictures and my failed attempt of the picture of the whiteboard. I´ll do better tomorrow.



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