Repeat After Me – 6.august.2020

After all the barbells of the last period, we felt like you deserved a reward for all this lifting. A reward in the form adrenaline and endorfine running through your body, caused by today´s pleasure called Repeat after me:

Not one but two 5 min AMRAP of 21 Double Unders and 9 burpees with a 5 min Max Distance Row in the middle. If you´re the person fighting for the best score, you would have probably seen that the high score was made in the row. Rowing 1 meter takes way less time or effort as doing 1 burpee, so pushing it on the row was the smart thing to do if you want to push the score up!

A pleasure to do and an even bigger pleasure to coach. Today´s workout was a relative low-skilled one. Yes, double unders might be a bit of a fight, but the chances of you hurting yourself because of bad technique are close to zero. Even more reason to go all out on todays workout, especially in the last five minutes. And all out we want, as shown in the pictures all bellow!

Also the Strong Course had a blast today. Deadlifts from the block, to teach proper lock-out in the deadlift and create strength in the extension. Always fun, since most people can lift way more weight from the knee up than from the floor. Of course, we´re not only doing this lift a bunch of weight, but it sure as hell doesn´t make the experience worse. The deadlifts were followed by some old-school bodybuilding: Quad-training, Bicep Curls and Close Grip bench presses. Massive arms and pumping legs were the results.


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