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Radish - 12.April.2021


I think I can speak for a lot of us to say that I am superhappy to be back at Verftet again and see all of your faces. It has really impressed me to see how our community has fought itself through the last month. All the options were used to make the most of it: A lot of you guys came to pick up equipment, the member-facebook group has been spammed with all the pictures of our active people, people getting together at the track to work out, home-workout with video-guidance..

No, no, no, it has definitely not been a boring month but after a month of doing it on your own, you realize how nice it is to show up here, have a coach yell at you for an hour, get a sweat and a pulse going and go home happy again. And even though a lot of things are a bit different right now because of the Korona-rules, Verftet stays Verftet: the best hour of your day!

So on behalf of team Verftet, a huge welcome back and let's get fit together again!


As said, for now everything is a bit different because of Korona. Number one priority for us right now is keeping our members safe and make sure we can be open and stay open. In order to make that happen, we ask your respect for the following rules:

  • Every member will have their own 6m² square to do your workout in. There is at least 2 meters distance between the squares.

  • Everybody has their own equipment in your square, if you need more than that will be discussed with the coach

  • Masks on at all times outside of your square, inside your square the mask can go off

  • There is no entrance before the hour starts, please don't show up too early as well to avoid crowds in front of the door.

  • At the moment, the garderobe is closed because we cannot guarantee a safe distance in the garderobe. Use of the toilets is allowed but we ask you to limit this to the minimum to avoid too much walking outside of your square.

  • And we do this together! Meaning that if you have any feedback or things you feel that can be better, please let us know and we will get to work with it.

  • And last but definitely, enjoy and smile!

The Workout

Since most of you guys don't have a barbell at home, we thought it might be a fun idea to bring it back straight away. A two-part piece to get used to moving some weight around again.

In part number 1, we focused on getting some pulse going: 30 squat cleans for time. Not too heavy, just 30 nice singles that were supposed to be finished before the 12 minute mark. With a max weight of 80kg's, the goal was clearly not to go impossibly heavy, just to get back into it.

Also in part number 2, the goal was not to go the heaviest possible. Here we got 10 minutes the time to find a heavy double on the squat clean. Take down the intensity a bit, take a bit more rest and throw some weight on that bar. Just to get used to the weights, the barbell and being back in here.

Of course, the programming might be a bit different these weeks now but there's some seriously exciting stuff coming this week, so sign up in the app and we will see you here!



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