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Quarter Past - 6. January. 2022

Evening all for todays workout we wanted to keep the team work alive and try to give you guys a sweaty one. So why not give you guys some sit ups with farmers carry with some not so heavy weight.

Twist in today is that you got no rest, it was using a machine whilst your partner did the work on to build in that better score. So what we was thinking of you to do, is to get that work done on where it counts with the sit ups and farmers carry. Taking time on the machine to recover whilst moving.

For some people didnt feel up to the challenge of todays workout, others didnt have a partner to work with. If this is a feeling you are having whilst going through these regulation times. Please still come in and speak to one of the coaches that is here, we will be happy to give you a workout for you and still make it the day you need and want to have

Lets see how our stomachs are in a few days hahaha

Got tomorrows workout for you to finish your week of and we always like to challenge to end the week, great work guys. See you all tomorrow to finish the first week back of the new year - Ben



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