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Power 15th January 2020

Having the skillwork day yesterday, working on our handstand, we had more of a challenge today with the workout POWER!!!

Everyone had 6min to finish a round as fast as possible with the best of technique. Everyone mostly finished there round in under 3 mins which meant they had 3mins of rest to prepare for themselves to again 3 more times.

Having the movements start with 15/10 cal echo bike burning through that to perform 20 toes 2 bar and finally performing a power clean, to have there bar ready for 5 heavy shoulder to overeheads

Was i fun but challenging workout for everyone and really had to set there minds ready for this workout. The start of the class went with a 8min emom (every min on the min). With having one min to get a target of cals on the echo bike, then to performing some kippswings, also some stick rotation and shoulder To overhead with the stick to warm those shoulders up.

After that its was a short time period for people to built there barbells up for they should to over head. After a short toilet and water break , its was 321 go!!!. Dividing the group into heats and smoothly having no people clashing with each other.

To end the day off everyone performed a rack hang for 3min, trying to hold on for dear life as long as possible. If people fell off, they shake the arms and jumped back on

We have also made a new facebook page for everyone that are wanting to train more outside of the class times

Stay awesome verftet athletes

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