Overhead Squats & The Fray – 04.November.2020

Todays workout consisted of 2 pieces, a strength part and a workout. The central movement of today was the Overhead Squat, combined with a high-skill gymnastic movement and short distance running. In other words, today was a typical CrossFit-day!

We started todays workout with a warm-up obviously, combined with some stretches to open up the shoulders for the overhead squat. This squatting variation is a tricky movement for those of you having poor mobility, since the ohs demands proper upperback-, shoulder-, hip and ankle mobility. Also a weak core gets punished hard by the overhead squat.

Building up towards a heavy triple was the strength part. For some of you guys a chance to practice the overhead squat real good without a clock running or heaving breathing. It isn’t typically a movement that comes naturally for everybody, so practicing the movement under low intensity is a good thing to do. For those of us already able to do the overhead squat, it is good to see where you are standing with this movement. Therefor, you could build up towards a heavy 3 of the overhead squat. This is good to know, in case you are planning on snatching this weight anytime soon. It’s nice to know that you are able to hold the bar overhead in the first place, before throwing it up there in the snatch and then hoping for the best.

After the strength, it’s time to deload the bar and start the workout. Combining it with the C2B pull-up gives us a perfect CrossFit mix that we all love, training all the different disciplines all at once (cardio, gymnastics and weightlifting). In our eyes, it’s the most effective way of getting really, really fit by only doing a 15 minute workout.

Lovely workout today guys. Thanks a lot for all the energy again and see you tomorrow!


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