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Overhead Squats & Race to Randy - 14.juni.2022

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

God kveld folkens!

Everybody knows that if you walk up to the whiteboard, or open SugarWOD, (or check the TV as soon as you step into the box!!) and see one of those workouts where you think "that is not too bad"... It is going to be a tough workout.

Today was one of those days.

After overhead squatting 5 sets to build some confidence and weight, the workout called for an echo bike ride, 15 overhead squats, followed by as many power snatches you could do inside the 4:00 timeframe, before getting back to the bike. The workout finished when you completed 75 power snatches, or at the time cap of 20:00. Sometimes the facial expressions of athletes say it all...

Summer is coming up, and that means the summer holidays for a lot of people. As always we will tweak some things that we think can use improvement, but we are always open to your suggestions. One of those things was on a screen meeting today. Can you guess what's coming up?

This Saturday (18th of June) some members of Verftet were supposed to participate in 'The Beast obstacle race". Unfortunately that event got canceled, so the crew that usually trains at 06:00 are now hosting our version of an obstacle course in-house at Verftet. Register for the "Obstacle Course" class in Mindbody at 13:00 this Saturday if you would like to join. All members of Verftet are welcome for some monkeying around and a smoothie. Doesn't matter if you do Egentraining, Nutritional Guidance, PT or CrossFit group classes.

At the end of the day the whiteboard looked like this (11:58 what the f...?!)

Good night, sleep tight, we'll catch you on the flip side!




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