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Fredagsbloggen: Strenght Focus, Super Size, Goblet of Fire, Make it a Double | Week17.2

Business Highlights 🎉

✓ Over 100 Paying Clients at Minde, 130 is break-even so we are getting closer 🙏

✓ Oliver's Course is close to full!

✓ Mia has worked with Thomas for a full week, and they have completed a lot of Facility Improvements

Super Size - Goblet of Fire - Make it a Double!

Grrreaaat Workouts this second part of the Week! We lifted heavy, had a fun movement to get some angryness out of the system and then had something to make our braincells grow!

Supersize was up for two short outbursts of crazy heavy lifting. Squat and Jump makes your Hip go Yay, but your Lungs say Nay! Luckily we had an easy afterclass with Russian Twist veeeery Slow

Thaddeus doing important work ?? 🌟

Next up was a Goblet of Fire, just fun to bring a Friend. slamming is just Awesome, get some Faces in your head why you were angry in the last days and slam the hell out of that Ball :-) Even the Seniors had a Slamdunk day and went hard

The whole Week we had Mia monitoring Thomas if he is doing his Job right, so was seen not only doing classes but also Coaching teens, seniors, croup classes, cleaning, fixing, meeting, lunching,

Even having her teacher showed up in a class 🤩

Fridays Workout Make it a double had something to count right in your head with numbers of 21- 42 - 84 - 18 - 36 - 72 - 15 - 30 - 60 we test not only your Physical Abilitites but also your Mental Abilities - Who Finds the Pattern??

Thooomas also forgot his classes

Now for another Knowledge Bomb: A knew Book of a Medical Doctor: Outlive Peter Attia, MD. "Rethink medicine to live better longer" has again concluded something we (hopefully) already know; But of course the Book has a lot of other really good insights!

The single most beneficial thing to do for longevity is: 🥁 Tadaaaaa: 💥 EXERCISE!!!🤩

So come in, have fun and be sure your are doing something for your Longevity, Health, Mental Well being, Look good in the Mirror, be proud of yourself and imagine that: having Fun while doing it. I think this Box has it all! Thanks for your Trust and Laughs you bring into this BOX!!! ❤️

And Still some Space in the Mobility & Flexibility Seminar, so Sign up here!

Last thing, Sindre (our new coach) is pretty strong!110kg 👋



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