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On The Go - 17. August. 2021

For todays workout we had a awesome workout piece for you guys. A conditioning piece of bike/row, jump ropes and one more time on the machines, but we had a twist to it to stop you in your tracks every min we got you to do 7 light and pretty deadlifts. The challenge was to maintain a pace and transition fast and affective.


is was not a sprint like fran, but to pace everything through and to look smooth, with everyone hitting a time frame between 8min - 13min. It was awesome for us as coaches to se you guys plan and fight through the grit of things

getting through a quick warmup and having everyone to learn they pace on the machines of choice, the soul destroyer or the butt burner, getting our athletes to know there is easier and better ways to switch from machine to other movements, is always a handing thing to learn when you are liking crossfit and want to get better

If you feel like this was something of a challenge for you and want to get better at conditioning and smoot

h game plan, dirt dive is your thing. A 10 week course for you to learn how to mentally prepare for workouts in the fututre and to know yourself better, whilst aslo getting better in conditioning. If you feel like this could be something for you to try and get better at, email ben at

awesome job today guys enjoy and see you tomorrow



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