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On A Boat – 27.juli.2020

Way to start of a week. Originally, we had a long distance row planed for today (don´t worry, this will come another day;)), but since we´ve already done that this year, we decided to go hard or go home

5 Rounds for time 1000/800 meter row 40 T2B 40 HSPU

With a timecap of 35 minutes, this was a tight workout to make within the timecap. Finishing wasn´t then also the main goal for a lot of you for this workout. Getting 35 minutes of work in, practicing some high skill gymnastics movements. This gives us as coaches a hell of a lot time to coach while moving, instead of coach before moving. After all, learning is the way to get better at something.

One thing I´d like to take away from the workout of today is the Toes-To-Bar. Most of you have seen what a kipping toes-to-bar should look like, but are not quite there yet. If you find yourself at that point, you have 2 options: 1. You will get as many actual toes-to-bar as possible, causing you to get that ´extra swing´in the middle, in order to create momentum you need to get your toes-to-bar. Here you might look a bit more like Tarzan getting his toes to the bar. 2. The other option is to not bring your toes to the bar at all, but focus on maintaining a consistent swing and get your toes as high as you can. As a coach, I´m a huge fan of the second one. Where the first option might be tempting, to show everybody that you really can bring your toes to the bar (which we know you can because we make you guys really strong), it doesn´t learn you anything. You get away with a lack of strength and/or technique, and still get some reps in. If your goal is to get reps in: go for it. If your goal is to get better at your toes-to-bar and string them together somewhere in the future: maybe go for option number two! Maintaining a consistent swing and thereby getting your feet as close to the bar as possible teaches you way more, as long as you push yourself to get a little bit higher every time. The swing teaches you strength in the upper back and mechanics of the T2B. Pushing yourself a little bit higher every time teaches you the abs/hipflexor strength you need to eventually get those damn T2B in your system. Little tip: Try to not only swing your legs up but also try to ´´push the bar down´´ to push your upperbody backwards away from the bar and engage your upperback even more (after all, the farther away your body is from the bar, the closer your feet are)

Anyway, a nice high skill gymnastic piece to start of the week. Getting a nice sweat going is never a bad idea after the weekend. There´s tons of cool barbell stuff coming up, a new podcast is being released on Thursday and Andreas is på ferie (party-time héhé). Exciting week, here we come!

PS: The podcast will premiere on Torsdag, but here´s the link already;)



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