Oh - OOOOOHHHHH! - 8-Juli-2021

So Todays workout we got a chance to have the workout outside in the sun, what could be better. The better part is that the workout was a team 2 with having wallballs, Kb swings and then carrying that kb a 200m walk with your partner.

So to start the day off we had the warm up of a short run and some movements to get the body ready. Then hitting with a quick movement prep and then letting people pick there teams and giving this a practice, we are wanting everyone to challenge themselves with heavy weight. Unless we see someone with injuries and problems with the technique, then its good to go a little lighter to make sure its safe and ready for the future.

Then have the watches ready 3..2...1 go. The surprise challenge here was the kb carry as a team carrying your kb 200m in a very hard goblet hold was the challenge no one expected. even after using the shoulders for the wallballs and kb swings, the forearms and back was on fire even after the first round. So team work was key to this workout and breaking everything into much needed sets. But eveyone enjoyed being out in the sun and getting that team sweat going

Martine brags about how kind members we have who participate in cleaning after class. Not many as a fitness center where members bother. We are lucky


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