Nancy – 07.Oktober.2020

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

In the programming we see as coaches, we always have a quote or the theme of the workout. This has nothing to do with the workout specifically, but is more there as a general thought or mindset to adopt into your training. Today´s one is quite striking.

We train, coach and love to work with this way. We honestly feel that as long as we do things out of passion, instead of out of fear or out of financial reasons, all else will be fine. This applies to training. Life is to short to systematically do things you don´t like. Why would you go for 50 minutes runs, if you don´t like running but just to stay in shape? If you want to achieve things with training, the best and almost only way is to do that, is with passion and enthusiasm. The same goes for our job of coaching you. Our job can be demanding in the way that yelling, jumping and watching you carefully drains energy sometimes. But it´s by no means hard to do if you guys bring your endless enthusiasm every day. There´s no red bull that can give us the energy that you are giving us every day. This is purely because of the enthusiasm that you bring here and that we have for our job of making you fitter every day. We hope you come in here with the same enthusiasm. Of course, running in the rain is less comfortable than sitting on your couch with Netflix. But that doesn´t mean that it´s not fun, as the guys on the pictures below perfectly demonstrate.

But well, Nancy, nancy, nancy.. Do we like Nancy?

When answer this question, an answer that was given a not was not necessarily positive about Nancy or the job of her mother (That son of a b#tch..). But hey, you being alltid positive, were able to admit that Nancy was a bit of fun. When it´s over..

Being a classic CrossFit benchmark, nancy comes back every couple of moths. This couplet of a 400m run and 15 overhead squats comes down to a lot of willpower. When you can do overhead squats, and you have practiced them a bit, holding on to your barbell for 15 overhead squats is more a matter of die-hard willpower than it is of strength. Key here, is slowing down the run just as much at the end that you can pick up the barbell right away and hold it overhead. And as mentioned before, the rain was pooring all day. That didn´t stop you to put down awesome scores today anyway! Sleep well and see you tomorrow!


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