Murph - 31.May.2021

Well, well, well. Wasn't today like Christmas Eve for CrossFitters? That one day of the year that everybody is looking forward to (or looking up to..). The end of may, means.. MURPH!

A legendary CrossFit workout, maybe even thé most legendary one. First, what are we talking about?


1 mile run

100 pull-ups

200 push-ups

300 squats

1 mile run

RX: Men wear a 20lb vest, women wear a 14lb vest.

This workout is mostly legendary because of the push-ups, but also because it represents so much of what CrossFit is all about. As many of you might know, CrossFit was founded in the USA and has always had close ties to the US Army. In CrossFit, you find 2 typical benchmark-names: Girls & Heroes. Murph is a hero workout: Like all other hero workouts, called after an American soldier who got lost in the combat.

The story behind MURPH

"Murph” is a CrossFit Hero Workout named after Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, who was killed in Afghanistan June 28th, 2005. He was 29, of Patchogue, N.Y. Lt Murphy was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor after his death.

The workout was one of Mike’s favorites and he’d named it ‘Body Armor.’ It first appeared on the CrossFit site 18 August 2005.

Engaged in a frenzied firefight and outnumbered by the Taliban, Navy Lt. Michael Murphy made a desperate decision as he and three fellow SEALs fought for their lives on a rocky mountainside in Afghanistan’s Kunar Province in 2005.

In a last-ditch effort to save his team, Murphy pulled out his satellite phone, walked into a clearing to get reception and called for reinforcements as a fusillade of bullets ricocheted around him. One of the bullets hit him, but he finished the call and even signed off, “Thank you.”

A true hero, who got honored by getting this workout named after him. Read more about MURPH here: https://trebelwellness.com/murph.html

Murph at Verftet

Back to today: Murph was a true struggle. To make things a bit easier on you guys, we decided to break Murph up in a couple of ways. That doesn't make the workload less, you are still doing 200 push-ups, but it's been split up in a 10 or 20 rounds to make it a bit more human.

The warm-up was quick, since the first mile run is more than enough warm-up for most of you guys. After the run, it's all about the mental strength of struggling yourself through all the reps. Some with a vest, some with the push-up on the knees, some on the rack, some in the rings, but everybody did Murph together. There's not many days a year where there is such a good ''we-did-it'' feeling in the groups as when we do Murph. Fantastic as a couch, even more fantastic as a member!

And you will have quite some muscle pain tomorrow guys (yes I know, again;)). That's kind off the fun of Murph. And just like we mentioned last week after the bicep curl workout, the best remedy for muscle pain is movement. Sitting on the couch will not make your legs feel better, coming to Verftet will!

The weather is nice, it's time to shine and show your fitness. Have a great week again peeps, it's going to be a good one!

Our own Heroes

And the day only gets better. Today, Marie officially got a fast stilling at Verftet, meaning that she will be there for the long term. We are very happy with that of course, and looking at the picture, she is too!


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