Murph 27. November. 2020

Well Well Well what a day to end the week, for today we all done The hero workout MURPH

The Murph WOD is a hero workout named after Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy,” explains Blake Shutterly, a CrossFit coach at Neo Fifth in NYC. … The CrossFit Murph workout itself consists of a one-mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats, and another one-mile run, all done consecutively.

For this its a very long and very high volume workout, with a Timecap of 45min. We wanted everyone to pick a version of this workout that could be completed in 45ish min. With the version we had for everyone to use

To start the session off we had a 4min amrap looking for quility and making sure the body was ready for the movements we all was about to do. then giving all our athletes time to get there versions of this workout ready (Bands, Boxes, Bikes). Then we was all at the door and the clock was ticking.

For todays focus is to make sure those reps counted, making that technique looking better and making sure we dont get a no rep. Which can happen a lot in this workout, At the start going at a really slow tempo than usual. Cause of what we have got ahead of us and when we nearly reach the end of this workout, thats when the finish effort comes in.

Today, We are doing Murph

Awesome job today guys enjoy the weekend and hope the body is not too bad


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