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Murph – 25.Mai.2020

Today we did a utetrening-variation on one of the most legendary CrossFit workouts: ´Murph´

1 mile run 100 DB Snatches 200 Push-ups 300 Squats 1 mile run It is a CrossFit tradition to do this Hero-workout every year at memorial day (An american national holiday where they remember the fallen soldiers). People all over the world are doing this workout on the 25th of may every year, and the fact that we´re training outside at the moment doesn´t change a thing here.

The first run is for most people the easiest part, just warming up the body a bit more and get ready for what´s coming. People that couldn´t run today, did the same distance on the rower.

What was nice about today´s workout, was that everybody was doing exactly the same movements. Normally, Murph has 100 pull-ups instead of DB snatches, a movement that a lot of members scale down to body rows. Today, everybody did the Dumbbell Snatches, which was really cool to see. A full parking lot grinding through the same workout, together. The second run was all but easy. After 300 (!) airsquats, the first couple of meters, the legs feel like they´re made of steel. But the glory is real, stumbling back on our parking lot after the last lap of 800 or 600 meter gives a feeling of happiness and pride that we´ve done it again. See you in a year Murph!

PS: Tomorrow is an excellent day to recover from Murph. We´ve adjusted the workout to the fact that we´ve done Murph today, so please just come in and train! There´s no better way to recover from a workout than a workout!



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