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Move heavy loads over long distances quickly - 13. December. 2021

For a monday usually we like to give you a sweaty workout to call out what the start of this week is going to be like for you. Today we started with something we have not done in a while, thats was a chilled strength day having 35min to lift some weights around and get some pretty positions going and working on moving those weights around

Having some various movements we dont do all the time it was a very nice change and fun time to have watched everyone move and try out. Hope it was a fun time for you all, as much as it was for me to see you guys lift like you was all ronny king (bodybuilder)

Yesterdays event with the teens/HTG competition went off like a treat. It was a fun event for the kids to try out and was awesome to get some competition happening at verftet again. Awesome job to our members that took part in the event and hope it was fun, also an experience for them to get the fire of what crossfit can be about for your future journey


We have noticed that there is a lot on the waiting list at the 6:00 classes in the morning and its mostly the only times people can get to train at this time. So to try and make it work for our early birds, we are taking down the count of our waiting list. If you are happening to be on the waiting list we would like you to still come in and join for the workout

But we do have a condition if you are on the waiting list and want to join in. The condition is that you will be in the lifting room and will be training with having partial coaching attention as the people in the main room have priority for the coaching. We hope you guys will understand and still want to join in on training early if you want to

Thank you guys for being the awesome people you always are and looking forward to seeing you guys tomorrow for putting that hard work in to get yourself to a new level than yesterday - Ben



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