Macu Windu - 10.May.2021

If I tell my parents about CrossFit, one question that comes up a lot is what we do at CrossFit. Often, the answer to this question raises more questions than answers.. Today was an typical example of that, looking at the workout description..

18 MIN AMRAP: 3 Str. HSPU, 5 SDLHP @ 60/50, 7 P.P. & 14/12 CAL..

Yeah right son, sounds fun.. Good luck with that;)

How cryptic it might sound, it is actually quite fun. Especially with a movement we don't do that often, the sumo deadlift high pull.

For those of you loyal readers of the blog, a while ago on monday we had a workout with 200 medball squat cleans. In the blog that night was a video with the 9 foundational movements of CrossFit, of which one the medball clean. One other foundational movement is the SDLHP. This is a foundational movement for the same reason as the medball squat clean: it teaches the mechanics of the clean, without some of the complicated aspects of an actual clean.

It teaches the same mechanics because of the hip-drive in the movement. The goal in the sumo deadlift high pull is to do as much as possible with the hips and as little as possible with the arms. Getting the bar high by popping the hips is a lot easier than pulling it up to your ears with your arms, especially with a heavier loaded bar like we had today!

Again, the sumo deadlift high pull might be a bit confusing and hard to master, especially because we don't do it too often, but once you get it, the regular barbell clean becomes a lot easier!

Also in todays workout, some gymnastics and some conditioning. To get better at HSPU, but also because it's what we do at CrossFit. Always varied, always different movements, always different combinations. Typical CrossFit workout to start the week.

And remember, thursday is a red day, so Verftet will not have classes that day, as well as next week monday. So for those tigers that are used to training 5 days a week, keep this in mind and adjust your planning to it, to still hit your classes this week. Enjoy it, it's going to be a fun one!

Beer at the office?

Might there be a reason to celebrate something? We will keep you posted..

Verdensbeste Medlemmer

En spennende dag i dag på Verftet for team Verftet.

Vi har verdensbeste medlemmer, det vet vi jo! Noe av det som er mest fantastisk med Verftet og generelt CrossFit er at alle er like mye verdt. Alle har treningsklær og alle ser "like" ut. Alle respekteres likt og settes ikke like fort i båser. Om du er Politi eller kjører lastebil er du lik hos oss. Men vi vet jo alle at om du møter Politi på gaten så retter du deg litt ekstra opp og viser ekstra respekt.

Jeg elsker det med CrossFit, alle er like. Ingen er bedre enn noen. Men en av sidene som forsvinner er jo at vi ikke vet helt hvem vi faktisk trener med. I dag hadde vi 2 Verftet people i H-avis. Det er så kult at vi har så mange kule personer. Ekstra kul var jo Artikkelen om Thore som har flyttet hjem er med på å dra våre talenter hjem igjen, slike som han gjør at Haugesund blir en bedre by og bo i, om ikke bare bedre, men best ;).

Tommel opp Thore og tommel opp Cathrine :).


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