‘Little Helen’ 10.juni.2020

Today we had the little sister of one of the famous girls benchmarks ‘Helen’, but instead of Pull ups we did burpees to keep the heart rate up.

‘Little Helen’ With a running clock, as fast as possible perform 3 rounds of : 400m run 21 American KB swings 12 Burpees

The intended stimulus we were looking for today was to keep up the intensity. Since the volume on Little Helen is relatively low, it was challenging but good doable to go unbroken on the Kettlebell swings and burpees.

The athletes were told not to break on the big number of the swings and to keep a consistent pace on the burpees. On the running they could choose by theirself to go hard or to slow it down a bit and become ready for the other two movements.

Everybody succeeded to keep a fast pace throughout the WOD and ended with some really good times. After the WOD we had another workout or also named on the whiteboard ‘cooldown’. Of course this wansn’t a real cooldown but a super heavy abs training to strengthening the core!

Everybody who thought that they were done or that they had completed the hardest part of the training was thinking wrong. Actually the abs workout was harder than the Litle Helen. A lot of moans and wails when three rounds of ab work was done, but also a lot of smiles and happy faces of everybody who joined today and completed another training with their crossfit friends!

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