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Let it Burn - 1.Juni.2021

After our Hero workout murph which was the hardest but the funnest workout to take yearly and never again until the next time, we thought it will be best to get a conditioning workout and for it being a active recovery for everyone.

Having 3 min to get your cal target on both Row and Echo Bike as best as you can, Repeating that 10 times and your score will be the slowest round. Which we cant make a workout easy for you all

Starting with the warm up Going though some mobilty stretching to loosen up from yesterday. Then giving everyone practice on various difficulties on each machine to know what pace your looking into for todays workout

After that give people a chance to spec warmup/toilet break and game plan for today workout. Then pairing everyone up, but watching the distance still during these covid times. having heat1 start at every 3 min and having heat 2 start 1:30 after heat 1 to give people time on each machine. What we are mostly looking for is for people to just move at a good pace, to sweat and have some fun as always. Even though we do have the Soul Sucking Echo Bike, Everyone did a awesome job. People got very sweaty and very happy after this workout



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