Leg Intervalls – 29th January 2020

Today we had a very fun but leg heavy workout. Which we had the clock running, perform 5 rounds of 15 wallballs and 3 squat snatches. After finishing the 5 rounds, we had a 5 min break and performing the same 5 rounds. Then checking the clock and see what time we finished. Snatches is one of the difficult lifts crossfit has, but in the end its also the best lift when you get that perfect feeling of a lift.

Our athletes either choose the alpha version which was 70kg snatch or they picked there own weight. The start of the class went with a high breathing team workout, person 1 will sit on. The floor with legs straight out and arms up on the sides. Person 2 jumps over the arms and legs making a half circle, After 20 reps the team changes over and lets the other partner perform the jumps.

After the jumps person 1 will stay in plank position, person 2 jumped over and under person 1. Doing this 10 times and then changing over for there partner to do there 10 reps, Everyone had a laugh with this warmup making it a fun start of the class.

These are links that could help you with your snatch work, i recommend checking them out. Or you should get are lifting coachs to give you some pointers in the lifting classes 

https://youtu.be/n2t9xkKzATU https://youtu.be/Nh4X2loPVUo

Then everyone grabbed a stick and worked on there pop (points of performance) on there snatch. Knowing what they should look for on there lifts. After that everyone got 10 mins to practice there snatch and wallballs. After the 10 min was up the spec wam began. 3 rounds of 5 wallballs and 1 snatch.

Then it was 3..2..1 go, everyone performance was awesome working on there snatchs whilst getting the work done and getting there times. People did not realise that on the other side of things, everyone had performed a Karen with snatch. At the end of the 2 sets of 5 rounds, they all had done 150 wallballs. Which is a super achievement to have

Working on light weight and excellent technique, will reach the goal of performing excellence. Rather than lifting heavy and poor technique – Ben Bergeron

Awesome as always verftet athletes keep it up

We have fixed out the pillows for the sofa room #worldsbestsofakrok


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