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Laces Out – 29.juni.2020

“Laziness, doesn’t get a vote. Frustration, doesn’t get a vote. Weakness, doesn’t get a vote. Negativity, doesn’t get a vote. Only you do.” – Jocko Willink

We sometimes walk into the gym, not completely feeling it. Hell, we sometimes walk through life not feeling it. The weather sucks, my car broke down and I feel like hiding under a blanket on the coach. I don’t like today. Why does bad stuff always happen to me? It’s always f**** double unders when I walk into Verftet.

The fact that these thoughts are here, we don’t have to feel about. It’s perfectly normal to have a mechanism of self-defense if it comes to ”bad” things happening to you. We don’t have a choice whether these thoughts are here or not, they just are. The way we react to these thoughts is a choice though. You might recognize the fact that hiding under a blanket is only going to make you feel worse. Being comfortable with being uncomfortable is one of the greater skills one can have in life. We like the ”hands-on” attitude of acknowledging a discomfort, try to accept it and see how you can get better out of a ”bad” situation.

We shouldn’t simply ignore these voices. Ignoring them only puts them away in a corner, acting like they’re not there while they are. But acknowledging them is not the same as listening to them. Because it’s not the voices that have to live with the outcome of your decisions. When we can see these ‘negative’ emotions for what they are, we can acknowledge them when they arrive. And then put them where they belong. They do not get a vote in how we live our lives. Only we do.

And there’s more good stuff to mention: Today, the glass door in the gym got fixed. The bottom-rails was above the floor, making it harder to move the bikes and rowers around the room, but they got it done today. And now we’re speaking building: The painter finished painting the garderobe. This week, the tiles go in and then it seriously starts looking like a garderobe & sauna. And to finish off: We got some new toys! It’s called a pec-stick and the people from the Strong-Course are going to have a first meeting with them really soon:) Exciting, exciting, exciting!

Then, to finish off happy: The workout of today. My god, it was sexy stuff! We can really enjoy being inside again. Barbells throwing around, BarMuscle-ups and Pull-ups, topped off with wallballs. It’s good to have an 18 minute workout on the program for today. We’ve had quite some interval-based workouts over the last period, so to work for 18 minutes straight was good. It teaches us game plan, endurance and the work-ethic to work hard for a longer period straight. Talking about being comfortable with being uncomfortable. A great start of a new week. A new week with a lot of cool, exciting workouts coming. Det skal bli Fantastisk! – Mart

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