Kondisstrening – 19.november.2020


Coming in at Verftet, have a look on the whiteboard and see this:

E7MOM (Teams of 3)

Calorie Echo Bike Calorie Row Calorie Assault Run Calorie Echo Bike Calorie Row Burpees

Nothing else than High Pulse AKA Kondistrening! SHIT, I wanna go home is what is going on in the mind of many of you. But probably today you did like it, because team workouts are always fun! 😀😍 A good day to give the muscles some rest of all the strength trainings and getting some heavy breathing in by not boring long conditioning but high intense sprint intervals. 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ The flow of today: you had 7 minutes per station to make as many calories/burpees as possible. Every time is only 1 person working and 2 persons have rest. After 7 minutes you had 30 seconds time to write down your team score and to transfer to the next station. Seven minutes is about 4-5x an all-out sprint of 0:30 seconds per person per station, what is really good to train to raise your lactate threshold but goes also hand in hand together with feeling nauseous and thus did some people had an extra station when they had to take a sprint to the toilet. #puke-bucket 🤮🤮😨 But no sad faces! We all enjoyed it and we couldn’t complain about running in the dirty snow or having freezing hands. Happy smiles and anti-corona elbow-fives. 😁

Tomorrow morning are the last group classes before the weekend starts so make sure that you claim your spot! No time in the morning to come in?? Than you can get your workout in later on the day by helping us breaking down the gym and building to a new Verftet 3.0 🤩🤩🤩

Snakkes og god natt!


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