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Kettlebell Stuff - 06.Januar.2020

That's a long time ago, the kettlebell snatch & kettlebell clean&jerk. Because CrossFit is much more than only barbells and pull-ups. So for a change, today we had a kettlebell workout on the program. Next to the usual KB-swing, we added 2 olympic weightlifting movement.

A nice 6 minute AMRAP to get the shoulders warm and the heartbeat going was followed by some lacrosse-ball on the uppertraps. Fantastic to massage those stiff shoulders open and get some more freedom of movement of the shoulder blades. And this was more than welcome, since we're going to do KB snatches.

Both KB-weightlifting movements today was something we haven't done in a very, very long time. Still they are great to practice every now and then, for multiple reasons. First, it's always good to keep challenging the body to learn new movements and get better at techniques for different kind of movement patterns. Second, both movements teach great shoulder stability and strength. If you can control a random, flying object like a kettlebell coming up, it's going to be much easier controlling a barbell coming up, which is a lot more stable on the shoulders.

Nice practice day today, after the conditioning burners of the last couple of days. And we got a couple of pretty pictures, always worth it! See you tomorrow:D



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