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Jack Sparrow - 11th. October. 2021

Today start off the week we had a fun team 2 workout for you all, todays focus - Verftical shin , in the lunge, we are focusing on keeping our shins vertical. this means that we dont want the front knee to come too far over the ankle when we do the walking lunge. we tried to keep the shins vertical, to get proper glute/hamstring activation and work as much from the posterior chain as possible

If you feel it in the ass tomorrow, you did something right from todays workout.

Karina vs the world = ending up wanting to do this workout on her own

Crossfit has sent out some miles to madison episodes on youtube i would recommend watching these if you watch the documentaries as much as i do


We got a few things to tell you today

On the 30th October they will be a lifting event for everyone to join in on. For some it will be a event to see what results marts lift off course has done for them, for other it will be a test for you to know your 1 rep max and to have some fun for the day. So you know what to lift in our classes and work on taking your lifting to the next level. Please sign up on mindbody or write your name on the whiteboard, to let us know how many lifters we will be having. More info will be announced later on this week.

Even if you are not wanting to take part in the event, would be awesome to see you all there and support the people lifting and have that great atmosphere.

Have you booked your ticket for the juleball? If you have not then i feel like you should and join the end of the year with us in the nicest way, if you don’t know how to book it you can do it in 2 ways. Go to and book there, or you can do it through the minbody app. If you guys get stuck, please ask one of us and we will help you on booking your tickets and enjoying the fun with us. Because you deserve to enjoy the end of the year right, if you want to spend it with us and friends you train with

Also on the 29th October we will be making a halloween workout to celebrate the end of the week and month the creepy way. If you want to join us and dress up for the workout, we would very much like that. If you are just wanting to come in and just train that is also fine with us :)

awesome job today guys and hopefully you can sit on the toilet fine for the next few days hahaha see you all tomorrow


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