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"Isabel" 21.april.2023

Another sunny day, another benchmark day.

The last of our benchmark workouts to re-test all variations in which Olympic Lifting is being used in CrossFit. As you might have heard before, we use these workouts to get measurable, observable, and repeatable data.

Measurable because we do the same thing; same movements, same movement standards, the same number of repetitions or time domain (and all over the world).

Observable because we can see; with the naked eye or by the results you log in SugarWOD or on the whiteboard.

Repeatable because it allows us to repeat; to re-test your performance.

Let me give you a little glimpse into what that looks like for our community. Here is an overview of the biggest % of improvement in time, comparing the last time we did "Isabel" on 09.02.2023 and today's results.

When you visit our website, the banner that jumps at you says "VI GIR DEG RESULTATER". This is what we are talking about. Some of these people are relatively new to training, but also some seasoned veterans who have been training with us for a few years. They all improve their times, improve the capacity of the work they can do, and become able to live a more awesome life while doing this. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

In other news:

  • A lot of PRs on the Sunn&Sprek deadlift!

  • Creative loading to get your PRs

  • An announcement video without subtitles

Now just a few weekends after you could be on your skis during Easter, you can go out with your suncream factor 50 and enjoy a beautiful weekend that's coming up. I hope you will have a blast, maybe get some training in, and that we get to see you again next week!

BAF, smoothies, and sunshine with Andreas tomorrow!

Have a great recovery from training this week, life is one big comeback!



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