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I scream, You scream – 8.december.2020

Since the EMOM style workout of yesterday was a big succes we decided to surprise you guys with one more EMOM style workout but now in Teams of 2! And if that is not already a surprise on itself, we gave you your favorite conditioning machine “The Assault Bike” to make it even a bigger gift! I guess, No more Christmas presents needed 😅🎄

AMRAP 30: 15 rounds of 1 minute max calories on the Bike and 1 minute to complete 6 Singel Arm Devil Presses and to get ready to jump on the bike again. Don’t start to hard, because it will kill you! #whatdoesn’tkillyoumakesyoustronger A nice piece of conditioning. Good job everyone!

We cleaned the PR-board today to make space for new PR’s for the upcoming month so write down your PR’s in your phone to keep track of your progress. Also a good reason to set a new PR the upcoming month and write it down on the board again!

Also the Teens did a great job and learned some different handstand variations and lifted weight on their favorite lift (deadlift). The Teens classes are getting more and more popular with most of the time fully booked classes! So if your son/daughter wants to join make sure that they are signed up in Mindbody so they can actually join the classes! Thursday is the birthday of Eir, so don’t eat too much sugar during the day because Coach Samantha will bring some delicious calorie bombs with her!

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