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Hot Flash – 31.07.2020

“The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X

We started today with a 12 minute window to find a heavy single on the power snatch, followed by an intense 30-20-10 Power snatch & Bike calories.

Today was an fantastic training day for those who love weightlifting (and let´s be honest, who doesn´t 😉 ). With the ultimate goal in weightlifting being a pretty Squat Snatch, the Power Snatch is an excellent way of creating loads of power in the pull. When your technique and speed on the snatch progress and get better and better, the limiting factor becomes your strength at one point. In a snatch, missing the lift is often due to a lack of strength in the pull. When the bar is overhead and stabilised, very few miss the lift here. Creating loads of strength in pulling the bar up is therefor getting more and more important, since a good pull results in a good lift. The power snatch requires a good pull. After all, you can´t dive under the bar so the bar has to come up! Today´s strength part was a very good way of creating this pull, so we can use it later when we are going to do our squat snatches! Also for members that are more ´unexperienced´ in the snatch, today was a cool day. Snatching is a skill, it takes years to perfectionise. Beginning this journey of learning how to snatch is very exciting, it´s a cool skill to learn. Take it easy, start with a stick and work your way up to the olympics (or anywhere between where you are now and the olympics;) )! Afterwards, we had a nice sweaty workout coming in. The newly learned skills of the snatch were put into practice, combining it with the bike! Barbells dropping, people yelling, heavy breathing on the bike and a little swearing here and there (husk: Alltid positiv, but in explosive movements like the snatch, a bit of aggression is not a bad thing:)).

Very nice way to close of the week full of heavy lifting and a nice 40 minutes conditioning piece on wednesday. Let´s get ready for another nice Norwegian Summer Weekend with 16 degrees and rain. Enjoy guys and see you next week!

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