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Horseshoes 28.september.2021

Good evening, it's Thaddeus here for Tuesday's write-up!

Can you breathe heavily and then lift pretty, and/or can you breathe heavily and then lift heavy? That was today's main question, which makes it different than some days when we do Crossfit, but also kind of the same.

For all the guys (or girls) that walked into the box in shorts today, looked at the whiteboard, and read "SHAVE YOUR LEGS", it was not personal. We meant keeping the bar close to your body in the first and second pull of the clean as if you were shaving your legs with the bar. Keeping your torso up and really flexing the lats (the big wing-shaped muscles running from your armpits down your sides) helps to do this as well. We would like to have the bar brush along your thighs and the pockets of your pants, instead of you bouncing the bar off your knees and violently thrusting your hips into the bar as if you are trying to give it a baby.

In the lifting room, the teens programmed their own workout today. I don't know how they felt afterward, but often when I write down a workout there also comes a point where I regret writing that down. After the teens, the girls did another long and grueling dirt dive.

I am looking forward to the new James Bond movie that will be in Cinema at the end of this week after being postponed for over a year. Likewise, I really tried to catch up on all the high-fives that have been postponed for a long time. A couple of weeks ago I read a scientific study (no bullshit) on how many fistbumps and high fives were given on an NBA team in the year they won the championship and the year before when they didn't. And guess what, with a whopping 83 fist bumps per game they became champions but with a mere 24 a game they didn't. In conclusion; the more high fives and fist bumps the better the performance, it's science! 😎

I wish you all a night full of good quality sleep. One of those where you dream about things and wake up feeling refreshed and full of energy to take on another day. We hope to see you soon for more fun and fitness!

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