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Hit&Run - 26.April.2021

New week, new workout! And what a way to start the week with. No heavy barbells, no complicated gymnastics, just a 25 minute sweat-fest.

We started this week with a simple couplet: 10 rounds of 20 Medball-cleans and a hillrun. With the medball-clean as the most complicated movement for today, there was not too much focus needed to perform the workout with correct technique. And that means, hit the gas en let's go!

And we love the medball clean. A movement that we don't do that often, but still is really important in the world of CrossFit. In fact, it's actually 1 of the foundational movements of CrossFit:

Why, you would ask. This for the simple reason that it teaches excellent clean-mechanics without the complicated Barbell. A barbell is a relatively complicated object, especially for people that just started doing CrossFit, and therefor makes an already difficult movement like the clean even more difficult.

A ball on the other side is a lot more familiar to people and a lot easier to handle. Therefor, we can focus a lot more on the mechanics of the movement (the clean), than on how to handle the object. And the movement is really similar: a deadlift, followed by an fast hip-extension and a pull under the object. If you can perform a decent medball-clean, your barbell clean will make a lot more sense further down the line!

You guys were as lucky that you got to practice 200 medball cleans today, so we have high expectations for the next time we have barbell cleans in the workout:)


As you might have seen on Facebook, on may the 17th this spring, a new course will start. See it a bit as a step upwards from the strong course, with a stronger focus on growing muscles. I go back to my passion of the past, where I have years of experience with high-level bodybuilding. I will share all this passion and knowledge with 12 woman and man that are ready for the next step in strength training,

It will be a 10 week course where we will dive deeper into the world of bodybuilding. No, not like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but more as in doing the sport of ''building a healthy and strong body''. We will do the foundational strength exercises, Squat/Press/Deadlift, but next to that we will do things you would normally never find in a CrossFit gym:

Bicep Curls, Lat pull-downs, Trap raises and Dumbbell flies. If you have no idea what one of these words mean: They mean a lot of fun, pumping and big muscles;)

All this strength training will be supported by supplements like protein and creatine, to achieve as much muscle growth as possible in 10 weeks.


  • Pure strength training, bodybuilding style (expect pumping muscles & gangsperr)

  • 2 x In-Body check, before & after the 10 weeks, to check your muscle growth.

  • Supplements are included: protein powder & creatine, for maximal muscle gain. Enough for 16 weeks.

  • General food- & trainings-guidance outside of the course


  • -Tirsdag & Torsdag 18:00-19:00

  • -Starting at 17.05.2021 until 23.07.2021

The price for the complete course is 4500 KR, all inclusive. The 2 In-Body consults (worth 798 Kr) and all supplements you need (Worth over 1000 Kr) are included.

So are you ready to build some serious summer-body? Sign up using the link below or send a mail to for more information.


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