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Heavy 3 Power Snatch + I got options - 15. November. 2021

Getting back to the new week of training we thought it would be best to Lift things off with some snatching. a complex lift that even the experts have problems with, always best to get started early right. Following that up with some short burst workouts, what could be better than light snatches and burpee movements. Making sure our structure doesnt cave in whilst being tired and constantly moving

A very old great member had decided to join us back after some time away and is ready to get back into fitness of crossfit, welcome back Vivian it is awesome to see you back. Hitting some very pretty lifts today, for some we had pr monday like katrine this morning after working on her lifts for the past 12weeks looks like it has payed of for her. For others it was the time to get that snatch even more better along the way, so when the day come everyone is ready to lift heavy


A reminder for everyone that we are having the 12 days of Christmas event on the 24th December, a yearly event where everyone can join. Do a team workout and after that have some julegrøt, so book in your spot while you can on mindbody cause those spots go out fast

Other than that hope everyone had a awesome time today and a nice weekend, See you guys tomorrow for another working time - Ben


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