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Head Spin – 26.november.2020

Head Spin: a long workout with a time cap of 25 minutes were we combined Double Unders with DB snatches and Single Arm Farmer Carries. 
Starting off with 100DU or 2:30 minutes to practice with them and maybe make your first or first 10 unbroken! After that 50 Alternating DB Snatches and followed by 100m Farry Carry. Then go down every round by 20 reps on the DU and down by 10 reps on the Snatches while the distance of Farmer Carry stays the same. 

The rope is mostly targeting on the breathing and slightly fatiguing the forearms after that having the Snatches doesn't make it easier were the pulse stays high and the shoulders get challenged too. Then you would think aahh nice I can relax a bit on the Farmer carry but no you think wrong. If you go for a fast run its heavy on the lungs and an easy walk is burning the shoulders and grip even more so no matter what choice you'd make its both the opposite of easy and relax.

Tomorrow you will probably feel the side-abs (obliques) after all the side planks and Farmer Carries, so we will safe you on that and have lots of other nice exercises for you ! Thus, come in because you will like it. 

Congrats to Karina, Camilla and Ole who did their first Double Unders and to Monika who made it today, for the first time, to do all the Double Unders in the workout ! #PR !! Well done ! And remember guys, if you want to become better in something you have to put a lot of effort and energy in it and practice as often as possible. 

God natt ! 



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