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Hang power clean & Belly ache - 15th. October. 2021

Last day of the week guys and what a workout to end it for you, we had some laughs this week. Last workout was a fitting workout for the name, sit ups followed by lunges. But as always we have a focus point for you guys to think about and learn from

Creating a great front rack position is vital towards mastering the power clean. It is a have to for the movement to be safe, but also to be able to lift heavy. so the fight was on enjoying 20min of beautiful lifting before control 60 reps of barbell moving and 120 reps of sit ups. Wether it was on the floor or the torture device (GHD)

Next week guys we will have a 5k in a workout, so pack your running shoes, jacket and good attitude for this workout. When????? who knows really

Still got some merch for you guys to be taking home if you want some

Well guys a awesome job for today and hope you have a great weekend if i dont see you tomorrows bring a friend, or even for sundays training - Ben



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