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Ground Ball- 20.Febuary.20

Today we had a extremely fun workout today, that everyone got to enjoy. ground ball was a 18min amrap (as many rounds or reps as possible). With each round consists of…

To start the day of we had all the athletes grab a plate 5kg for girls and 10kg for boys. performing movements and stretching to get the body ready for this workout, after that got the gang together to talk and give tips on there rope climb and walking lunges. Giving our athletes a good time to practice those skill works and see what they can do to get better and achieve something they dont usually get.

After getting our athletes through there spec warmup it was 3..2..1 go. having our athletes attack the rope climbs with the best of there abilities, whilst having there heart rate up from the ball slams and the pump of legs from the lunges. everyone did awesome and for some managed to get there first rope climb.

Both Elisabeth Støver, Hege Aursland and Elisabeth Velde got there first Rope climbs Today Awesome jobs

even our seniors and teens attacked this workout in there own way, which is what makes us great as a community and crossfit box

Awesome job today athletes keep up the good work

Noen som kjenner seg igjen med 1 toalett ??? 😀



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