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Green Monster – 02.12.2020

We’ve had quite the different week so far, with a strongman workout on tirsdag and another strength workout yesterday. So today it was time to wake up the lungs again and get some oldschool conditioning in – CrossFit style. What was on the menu today:

We started with a general warm-up, followed by some stretches for your hips and shoulders. Since we had not-too-complicated movements today, or movements that we’ve done a lot lately like the T2B, also the technique part didn’t took too much time. Leaving a solid 26 minute for the workout today. And yes that’s short, very short, for a workout like this.

Let’s talk about that a bit. In CrossFit, in general we got 2 major type of workouts: Time-based and task-based. A time-based workout is a workout where the working time defines the format of the workout. For example an AMRAP, you just have to work for a specific amount of time. The goal here in general is to get the most amount of work done in that time. A Task-based workout is a workout where the task at hand has to be completeted and you just want to do this as fast as possible. 4 rounds for time for example, or a 2000m row as fast as you can.

Today was a little bit of a mix. Yes, in writing it was a task-based workout: you had to complete 4 rounds of the work and then you would be done. But the timecap was so tight, that it basically became a little mix of it: Since it was almost impossible to finish the 4 rounds in 26 minutes, it became more of a mix between a ”For Time” and ”AMRAP”: how close can you get to the 4 rounds in the timecap we were giving you?

We like a challenge like this. Our intention here is not to set you up for failure, we try to be very clear that it’s very unlikely to finish the workout. We try to challenge you, give you a close-to-unreachable goal and see if you are willing to fight and try to reach it anyway. Our little warrior-gang really showed there teeth today in this one, good job! With most of you guys almost finishing (3 + … rounds), the fight was real. The dropping-down-on-the-floor-gasping-for-air as well, which is my favorite moment of every day. I enjoyed it, we enjoyed it and we hope you too. See you tomorrow!


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