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Goody Bag Ninja – 04.august.2020

A real pandora box of a workout today. Don´t get tricked by the sexy movements, they´re only a small part of the workout. Most of it is hardcore conditioning training, it´s just covered by a nice sauce of Ring Muscle Ups and pistols:

We´d start with an 800 run, followed by a 50/35 cal bike. Don´t get fooled here, this might already take you 7 minutes. Then the sexy part comes, Ring muscles ups/(jumping) pull-ups, a small hillrun and whole bunch of pistols again! Only to close of with the same couplet of a run and bike. And as time flies when you´re having fun, this doesn´t feel like a 30 minute workout. And fun we had:) The RMU and Pistol and also the pull-up can be considered as a high-skill gymnastic movements. All gymnastic movements get better through practice, practicing of the skill. But what you might forget it is crucial that you have a foundation of strength before you attempt these movements. Kipping yourself into a ring muscle up / pull-up without the foundation of 2-3 strict ring muscle ups / 5 strict pull-ups is like putting a 200kg barbell in your neck, lower yourself and hope for the best. This might seem a bit off, but in both cases you are using an external source of power (momentum/gravity) to get you in a position your body can´t get itself in by it´s own strength. That also means that if the external strength stops working, you have to help yourself in the next part of the movement. Your hip might help you get up in the kipping pull-up, but on the way down, your full bodyweight is dropping into your shoulders that are not strong enough to carry that. We would rather see you getting strong, really strong! Today we made you guys do jumping pull-ups and supported pistols. This is for building this foundation! The harder you make your jumping pull-ups, the closer you get to an actual strict pull-up. The less you hold onto the pole in your supported pistol, the stronger your ass gets for that actual first pistol!

Moral of the story here: Do you want to learn kipping pull-ups? Get strong, and then get kipping! Do you want to get good at pistols? Work your ankle/hip mobility and get really strong in your squatting movements (work that ass:) )! Get strong first for your strict gymnastics, then the mechanics of dynamic movement, then sexy stuff for The Grammmmmm!

Have a very nice evening guys and see you tomorrow:)

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