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Going Down Swinging - 30.August.2021

Workouts like this are always a bit sneaky. This is 55 reps for each movement, and more than half the work happens before you get to the round of 5´s. Keeping movements to prescribed sets and keeping our rests short, is going to be key for success in todays workout

For what has been going on so far for us at verftet. During the bring a friend on saturday, we also had a dugnad day for the development of our Verftet 4.0. Was a fun time we all had and thank you to everyone who had helped us with there time and effort on developing our facility to its new heights. We are not there yet for you guys to train and use the space but we are slowly, but surely getting there

We are also making a new thing happen with bring a friend. We are having bring a friend on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and thursday During the week. So more of a chance for that bring a friend vibe, also to bring people you know and show them the place you love to come in your free time

So from us here at verftet guys have a Awesome evening and see you guys tomorrow - Ben

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