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"Getting the COVID out" 11.01.2022

Whatever happens next week, at least we gave it a try today!

Boy, this was a spicy couplet. In all honesty, the workout hurt less than many people thought it would hurt, but it gave your heart and lungs a good test.

Yesterday, I thought that a green Verftet shirt and dark pants made you part of a boyband. But I learned today, that it is turning into a "Verftet-uniform"... Allegedly it will instantly add 9,5 kilo's to your max snatch and increase your max unbroken muscle-ups by four.

At the end of the day, we once again had enough names on the whiteboard to make more than 1 column. Those are good signs and we are seeing them day after day. Today's afterparty promised to be the easiest of the week, so let's see what the other days have in store.

For tomorrow, the WOD will be "Heatwave". A team two conditioning piece with some trunk work in there. We would love to see you again tomorrow and sweat together!

Have a good one!




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