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Front Squats & Eleven Eleven - 1.Mars.2022

Tuesday is here and we wanted those legs to be feeling a little burn today so we want everyone to be practice some front squats finding a heavy set of 10 reps is a good oppuntinity to get better at our elbow position and also good form

Did not want the legs to have all the fun, For today workout we worked on the push jerks aswell as the front squats. starting at 10 front squats and 1 push jerks, going down in reps from 10-1, but also going up in the push jerks from reps 1-10. Was awesome to see everyone planning this workout out and grinding through it like champions

Last night was the last chance to submit the score for your open event and will be validating all the score and having the leaderboards place by the end of the day to see where you guys are at. Then that fire to get better will only grow more and getting ourselves ready for friday.See what crossfit HQ has for us. To attack this weekend

We had a new member coming by at 10 this morning and mone is leading by example

Great work today guys hopefully we can roll out of bed tomorrow and handle going up and down the stairs good night - Ben



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