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Free Agent – 7.august.2020

‘Even when every damn reason tells us we can’t… let’s go win.’ For some of you the last workout before the weekend and what’s better than starting the weekend with a 30 minute workout were sweatdrops are flying around. Today’s workout consisted some running, gymnastic and light weight movements. 6 rounds for time 1 Hillrun 21 Wallballs 15 American KB Swings 9 Chest To Bar Pull Up The workout looks easier than it actually is. This is what you all felt when you were half way the workout and had 3 more rounds coming up. 😰

Focus points per movement today: Hillrun: Not a long distance so try to keep this as a consistent sprint every round Wallballs: A movement we do often but were we maybe don’t think about strategy. For today we focused on how to breath to safe some energy for the rest of the workout. Breath in on the way down and out on the way up.

Kettlebell Swing: Looks like a boring and easy movement but regularly we see a lot of mistakes or people having troubles with this ‘easy’ movement. One of the most common mistake we as coaches see is the arch in the back when the KB is overhead. This means no tension in the abs what can lead to overusing the back muscles and maybe even some pain after a lot of repetitions. So how to do a proper KBS? Don’t let the weight swing up by itself but make sure that you have the control over the KB! As soon as the KB swings up, you try to push the weight down as quick as possible. This ensures that you’ll keep tension on the abs during the whole swing and make the movement much more intens!

C2B Pull Up: Last but not least a fancy gymnastic movement. Pull ups are fun to do and something a lot of you wish that they could do them without a band. If you can have the strict pull up strength then it’s basically a matter of practicing your technique more often and make sure that your grip strength is as strong as a gorilla! If you don’t have the strict pull up strength yet then it’s better to scale this movement down to the ring rows, so you get stronger in the shoulders without fooling yourself with the support of too heavy bands. First ring row then small band pull up then bodyweight pull up, followed by the kipping and butterfly.

Want to get stronger and better in your gymnastics so you can nail that workout next time?! There are 4 spots left on the gymnastics course starting 24.august.2020!! Ask the coaches for more info or email to God helg!!


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