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Fredagsbloggen: Open 14.5; Rowing Helen; 500 M [benchmark]; The CrossFit Open | Week 8.24

CrossFit Verftet is getting ready to celebrate the Open with you. What is the Open and why should you join? These are the questions addressed after the recap of this week.

We had some heavy Workouts this week addressing your Shoulder strength and Stamina:

Toes to Bar with Deadlifts, Muscle Ups a very loved Open Workout 🤢 and a Team of 2 for Friday burn.

Wednesday we had your Grip strength tested with a T2b and Deadlift couplet. Also, some Brain work there with the repetitions going up to ten and going down to 1 on the other 🧐

The same day was for new PR´ s on the Bench Press, who would have thought that we get Pr´s without doing Bench Press the days before Big to Synnove, Susanne, and Øystein 🤩

The very next day, you took it away with the all-beloved Muscle U and a Beautiful Workout of Burpees and Thruster. I don't know if someone puked but I had to do stepping Burpees which I haven't done in a Workout for a long time... Pukie Material - Who knows Pukie?

For all the people who did their best on Thursday! 👏👏👏👏

Other things happening:

  • HTG testing their bench press

  • Marius with his first RMU

  • Maren looked at the wrong day and showed up to no class… Eirik guiding her through the WOD so she could do it by herself - always going the extra mile for your Fitness and Health!

Thomas & Andreas Bergens Trip

  • The goal was to do a lot of Intro Conversation and get some rings, ropes, and small stuff up 🌟

  • They also got to do the same workouts that you guys did in Haugesund on Wednesday & Thursday

And Friday another Display of Fun and devotion to you guys! Going through in the Team of a Rowing Helen! Hear a beautiful picture depicting two Scales of a Pullup. I love to see these differences and everybody having a ball t together on the road to get fitter and fitter! Just show up and do the Work.

So Know: The CrossFit Open

  • Starting 29th of February, that is next Friday.

  • 3 Workouts , so 3 Weeks of Special Friday and Monday.

  • Starting off the Games Season, being able to dwell into the CrossFit competition

  • instead of watching Football, lets watch the Games ;-)

Her my little suggestion why to be in the Open:

Yes be there, we are very proud to be at your side to help you with your Fitness Goals and get healthier in Life; be a part of your life!

The Open gives us a grreeaatt Opportunity to celebrate on a special occasion with you this Journey. We are very much looking forward to see you grow over your own expectations and see what you are really capable of!

Margrethe also got some reasons for you to join the Open 😂

Aaand Serina wants you to join 🤣

Let's hit it together, hope to see you on Friday between 16.00 - 18.00 💛

Here you can also read a little more about the What, Why and How to sign up:



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