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Fight Night – 26.Oktober.2020

I know we usually start on the monday with the description of the workout, but can we look back on the weekend for a second. Because, Wauw, What a weekend has it been for the CrossFitters. Of course, I’m talking about THE CrossFit-event of the year: The CrossFit Games.

It was obviously a Matt&Tia-show, but for those that say it becomes boring because of their absolute dominance, you’re wrong. Their absolute dominance in the sport that we all love, shows even more what an incredible talented athletes they are. There’s hundred thousands of people doing CrossFit, of which only a few get to compete at the end stage of the open every year. The people competing here are insanely fit and dedicated in what they do, and want nothing more than to win the games. Tia and Matt consistently showing that they rule the sport of CrossFit has nothing to do with boring, it is just insanely, insanely impressive.

Watch the recap’s of all the days here:

Then, back to our own little CrossFit-games that we do everyday: our workout! Today was a variation on the standard version of the classic benchmark workout Fight Gone Bad. The movements were the same, the format a bit different. Firstly, the scores:

The goal of today was to get as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes. Going unbroken was not easy, but surely possible today. The key element here was to rest in between different movements instead of during the movements. Therefor, the movements were not too complicated, the weights were not to light. A nice, burning conditioning piece to start of your week on fire:D

Garderobe Rules

As you guys know by now, the garderobe has been opened! Supercool of course, but we would like to introduce a couple of rules to keep things as pretty as they are:

  1. Please hang your jackets on the hooks in the hallway of the garderobe, instead of leaving them on the benches.

  2. Also put your shoes in the shoe-racks that Andreas built with so much love.

  3. Bags go on the floor for now, instead of on the bench. Over the next week, we will build shelves for you to put your bags on!

  4. Take everything home if you leave at night!

Sauna Rules

  1. Shower before use of the Sauna

  2. Max 2 persons at the same time in the Sauna, due to Korona

  3. Please wear a towel or bathclothes.

  4. In case of the bathclothes, still use a towel to sit on

  5. Respect others.

  6. Please don’t bring any food.

For questions, please ask of the coaches!



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