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Eighteen Wheeler – 14.December.2020

Typical CrossFit Workout to start the week with: Some gymnastics, some weightlifting, some biking, all mixed in in a nice 18 minute workout. What was on the board for today:

Starting the warm-up with some general moving, including the always cool wallball slamball to get the aggression of a long workday out and the heartbeat up. This was followed by two stretches, one for the ankles and one to open up the hamstrings for all the hip-openers we were going to do.

Then it was time for the technique part. One of the key elements of today was to get the right power from the right bodyparts. With all movements being relatively high taxing on the shoulders, key was to get most of the power from the hips. Jump the DB up in the snatches, explode up in the wallballs, so you got all the shoulder-strength you need to get your T2B as high as you can.

18 minutes can be a very long time if we tell you to be as explosive as possible;) Today’s workout was heavy on the breathing, with all 3 movements being this explosive and the bike also not providing the rest as needed. But an excellent workout to get the weekend out of the system and get the body ready for all the fun we have lined up for you this week. Enjoy guys, it’s a good one!

The CrossFit Open

Since we’re getting closer and closer to 2021, we are also getting closer to the CrossFit Open. In februari, the biggest CrossFit competition in the world will start off again, and it’s for everybody to join!

In short, it’s a 5 week competition where CrossFit Inc. posts a workout every week on thursday, for which you got until monday to do and post your scores online. They post this workout both for RX and scaled athletes, so everybody, even the CrossFitter that started 1 day ago, can join in. After 5 weeks, you have a good picture where you’re standing in the worldwide CrossFit-community, but also how you’ve performed compared to last year(s). Over half a million people worldwide join in every year in the CrossFit Open, and at Verftet we are going big this year. Of course we will host the workouts every sunday, making it a big event with our supportive community and good vibes, but there’s more coming up. Keep an eye on our facebook to find out how we are going to help you lift your fitness-level to the next stage this year!


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Dec 27, 2020

This blog is fantastic!!! Mart is awesome.

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