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Dream Team – 04.september.2020

Today we ended the week with a very fun workout that had cardio, bodyweight and weightlifting, in this team 2 called Dream Team. This time the name suited it haha, having one member of the team working whilst the other resting and then switching when that person this he is slowing down.

Starting the day of with person one rowing for 3min. Building speed and tempo for each min, but not going all out on the last min. Whilst person 2 building them up and practiced on those burpee box jump overs, always fun to do.

Then it was time for everyone to grab there equipment and get practicing, making sure the structure and technique was great for this workout on all the movements. Then we got the spec warmup going, doing 6 reps each on all movements. After which giving our verftletes (verftet +athletes), the mind set for fun and performance.

Then 3…2…1 GO!!! having everyone going hard and lasting the 20min with the best teamwork and performance you can ask for. But dont let me tell you how the day went, the photos will let you know.

Awesome job as always verftletes

QUICK MESSAGE – Underneath here is a photo of what is left in the wardrobes, Guys can you please come to collect them if not. By next week 11/09/2020, what ever is in that room will be thrown out. So if you dont want your stuf to dissapear, then please take it with you. Thank You

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